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Visiting Lake Tahoe in April [Weather, Things to Do, Pros/Cons]

  • Lake Tahoe in April is a great time to visit as the crowds are at a seasonal low, and there’s still some chance for spring skiing earlier in the month.
  • Expect plenty of sunshine with average daily temperatures of 54°F (High) and 31°F (Low), but beaches will still be too cold, and some hiking trails may be muddy.
  • April is one of our favorite times to go because it’s shoulder season, so hotel prices are lower, and reservations are easier to come by.

Although the ski season will be coming to an end, and the summer tourist season doesn’t kick off until June, there is still so much to do in April in Lake Tahoe.

When traveling to Lake Tahoe during this off-season, it’s important to understand what to expect from the weather and what activities will be available before booking your trip.

The shoulder season in Lake Tahoe is my favorite time to visit, and I created this guide featuring the best things to do in April, ranging from kayaking to Spring skiing.

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Visiting Lake Tahoe in April

lake tahoe california

April is a perfect time to visit Lake Tahoe

The mountain peaks will be covered with snow, and at the lake level, the snow will mostly be melted for a picnic at the beach or a day of hiking the trails. 

The weather is warm enough during the daytime for venturing out to see the sights, and the nights are cold enough for occasional snow flurries.

The best part about a trip to Lake Tahoe during April is that it is shoulder season, which means lower prices and smaller crowds at the lake’s top attractions.

You can easily grab a seat by the fire pit at a local brewery or book that window seat for a romantic dinner by the water.

This is also the last chance for some spring skiing before the resorts start to close for the year. 

South Lake Tahoe in April

A visit to South Lake Tahoe in April will include all the outdoor adventures you could want by day and more fun than you can handle after the sunsets.

South Lake Tahoe is the most developed portion of the lake, and along with that comes countless great restaurants with views overlooking the lake. 

There are also great local breweries and taphouses to choose from to jump-start a night out at the casinos.

Ultimately, the biggest draw to South Lake Tahoe in April is world-class skiing at Heavenly Ski Resort

You can ride their gondola right from your accommodation on the strip to the top of the mountain for some epic spring skiing and snowboarding.

For the non-skiers, you can enjoy hiking with lake views on the Rubicon Trail, which is generally clear for hiking in April.

North Lake Tahoe in April

North Lake Tahoe is home to most ski resorts in Tahoe and is a hotbed for adventurous, outdoorsy types. 

They are drawn to the area because of its rustic mountain charm and endless outdoor recreation, ranging from rock climbing to mountain biking. 

This is a great area to book a stay and take advantage of the smaller shoulder season crowds. 

You won’t have any trouble scoring a table at a restaurant or a seat at the bar of a local brewpub. 

April is a great chance to get in some slushy spring skiing and enjoy kicking back at the ski resort villages. 

This area is our favorite in April, as we love the small mountain town vibe without the touristy summer crowds. 

Lake Tahoe Weather in April

beach with snow on the ground
  • Temperature: average high 54 °F, average low 31 °F
  • Rain/Snow: 3 days

The weather in Lake Tahoe in April is fairly mild, with highs in the mid-50s and lows sitting at about freezing

This is one of our favorite times to visit Lake Tahoe, as storms are infrequent, and there are plenty of sunny days

While the days we visited were warm enough, we were surprised at how fast the temperatures dropped after sunset

It’s imperative to be always prepared with winter clothing, just in case you get caught out after the temperature drops. 

With an average of three days of precipitation during the month, it makes it easy to plan for some outdoor adventures. 

The chances of having a weekend getaway in Tahoe getting rained out are meager in April.  

This means the days are warm enough to explore the hiking trails at lower elevations or you can hit the high country with some snowshoes.

It will still be too cold for most people to get a tan at one of Tahoe’s many beaches, but it is warm enough for a picnic with an incredible view. 

Early April

Lake Tahoe temperatures in early April start the month with an average high of 51 °F

Lows sit at about 27 °F, which is plenty cold enough for roads to freeze and for some snowy nights. 

The start of the month may be on the chillier side for some, but we found that the bonus of watching some potential snow flurries by the fire makes up for the cooler temperatures. 

In early April, there is a higher chance that your favorite ski resort will still have decent skiing conditions and the crowds will be at a seasonal low.

Late April

Late April brings warmer days as temperatures will quickly climb to an average high of 58 °F, with the low at 32 °F.

On some previous day trips to Lake Tahoe in April, we were lucky enough to score some beautiful bluebird days when the temperatures were in the low 70s. 

While this is the exception, the days are significantly warmer, and outdoor activities are back in full swing by the end of the month. 

Nights and mornings are still cold but not usually below freezing.

different colors of the lake

South Lake Tahoe Weather in April

On any given day, there is a little variation in the weather between north and south Lake Tahoe, but you most likely won’t notice the difference.

Where it comes into play is in the available activities and the elevation of attractions in the area. 

South Lake Tahoe is home to the casino strip, many restaurants, and great breweries that provide plenty of indoor entertainment if the weather is too cold or wet.

The South Shore also offers plenty of outdoor fun on the lakeside trails and at Heavenly Village.

North Lake Tahoe Weather in April

North Lake Tahoe is very weather dependent, as the area is all about outdoor activities. 

With ten ski resorts within a short drive, North Lake Tahoe draws in the adventurous crowds that want to play by day and relax during the quiet evenings.

There are also plenty of opportunities to hike or snowshoe, and you will even find people kayaking if the conditions are good. 

Even if the weather is a little stormy on the north shore, you can rent a charming cabin to cuddle up and enjoy the storm in front of the fireplace.

Is there snow in Lake Tahoe in April?

Yes, there is snow in Lake Tahoe in April if you decide to visit. How much is the real question, as the annual snowpack is lower in some years. 

No matter what, there will be snow in the higher elevations, even as the month warms up. 

It’s not uncommon to get fresh snow flurries during April, with occasional large winter storms dumping loads of fresh powder. 

Tahoe gets an average of 30 inches of fresh snow during the month of April, which is much lower than December, which averages 75 inches. 

On most years, there is enough snowfall to enjoy viewing from your cabin window, but it probably won’t be enough for an epic powder riding day at the ski resorts.

Things to do in Lake Tahoe in April

snow with lake views
View from Heavenly Ski Resort

April is a unique time in Lake Tahoe, as it falls right in the transition from winter to spring.  

Snowsports dominate the winter months, and spring signifies the start of the beach and trail season. 

During April, you get a little bit of both, ranging from some spring skiing and snowboarding to chilly days on the beach.

You can hike one day by the lake and snowshoe the next in the higher elevations.

Lake Tahoe Skiing in April

April means spring skiing and the end of the ski season in Lake Tahoe. 

Hardcore snowsports enthusiasts scramble to get in their last turns of the year before many resorts close for the season starting in mid-April.

After months of skiing or snowboarding in cold powder conditions, it’s nice to strip a layer or two and enjoy some sunny but slushy conditions.

Some ski resorts stay open later than others depending on the snow conditions, while others rely on wilderness permits that require them to close by a set date.

If you are interested in hitting the slopes in April, you will be in for a great time as the atmosphere is festive, and the lines waiting for the lifts are short to non-existent.

Make sure to check the projected closing dates at the area’s ski resorts to ensure they will be open.

Be on the lookout for special spring skiing deals on lift tickets that can save you a stack of cash.

Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts in April

This is one of the top ski, and snowboard destinations on the west coast, with its high elevation runs that traverse the mountain down to near the south shore of Lake Tahoe. 

You can ride their gondola up the mountain from your resort by the casino strip while taking in the majestic views of Lake Tahoe.

Not only does Northstar offer epic runs with a  diverse amount of terrain, but they also feature an incredible ski village and resort. 

You can carve up the mountain, visit one of the great onsite restaurants and bars, or shop just steps from the slopes.

Located near Alpine Village is this hidden gem of a ski resort that is community owned and operated. 

This is a perfect place to hit the slopes if you want to feel miles away from the crowds at the big resorts.

This iconic ski resort, formally known as Squaw Valley, was the former home of the Olympics because of its world-class facilities and incredible terrain. 

This mountain resort is called the spring skiing capital of Tahoe, with the longest ski season in the region and a party-like après-ski vibe.

Tucked away south of Lake Tahoe is Kirkwood Ski Resort, a popular destination for skilled riders and skiers seeking challenging runs that will test their skills. 

With a base elevation of 7800 feet, the snow sticks around, and the resort is often open into May.

Hiking in Lake Tahoe in April

hiking trail with lake views
Hiking the Rubicon Trail in April

If you are hoping to do some hiking in April in Lake Tahoe, you will need to do some last-minute research to verify that the weather will cooperate and that the trails are clear.

April sits right between the winter months and the start of spring in Lake Tahoe. 

This means you can have sunny blue skies and temperatures near 60°F, or you can be in a snowy winter wonderland.

You will need to be better prepared to ensure your day of hiking is a success.

Pack your hiking gear for cold temperatures, and head out in layers as the day will warm up quickly.

Also, check the most recent reviews on AllTrails, as it will most likely have up-to-date information on the trail conditions.

Lastly, check the forecast to ensure you are not heading out into a late winter storm.

Snowshoeing in Chickadee Ridge

Have you ever wanted to try out snowshoeing? Well, April provides the perfect opportunity to give it a go, with a good chance of having warmer conditions and blue skies.

Rent some snowshoes in Incline Village, and head up the trail to Chickadee Ridge to take in the epic views of the lake. 

Bring a picnic, and don’t forget to bring some bird seed to feed the local Chickadee birds that call this area home.

This is an epic opportunity to experience a popular hiking destination in Lake Tahoe without the usual crowds. See Chickadee Ridge Trail map.

Kayaking in Lake Tahoe in April

For a fun adventure out on the water, you can rent a kayak and make a day of paddling along the hidden coves along the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. 

This area offers crystal clear sun-drenched water that is almost emerald-like in appearance. 

You can stop and check out some of the beaches or bring along a picnic that you can enjoy on a private stretch of beach, miles away from the nearest tourist.

April is a great time for a paddle as the lake is less likely to have wakes from all the summer boat rentals and waterskiers.

man paddleboarding on a lake at sunset

Paddleboarding in Lake Tahoe in April

With the temperatures warming up, April marks the start of stand-up paddleboard season.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, this is a great time to get out on the water to enjoy this tranquil time of year.

The only downside is that the water will be extremely cold due to the snow runoff, and it’s imperative that you wear a properly rated wetsuit to protect you if you fall in.

Similar to visiting Tahoe in November, you will most likely have the beach to yourself, and you will be able to relax and take in the stunning blue water. 💦 Rent your paddleboard here.

April Events in Lake Tahoe

This snow-covered music festival takes place at Palisades Lake Tahoe and offers performances by legendary Bluegrass and Americana bands from across the country. 

The festivities are spread over three days, with 25 bands performing across four stages. 

This lively event also features complimentary craft beer and whisky tasting for those 21 and older. 

This is one of the year’s largest events and a do not miss for many locals.

This large celebration of mother earth is a great community event and an excellent opportunity for kids and adults to learn about our environment and its preservation.

There are fun workshops, hands-on activities, and exhibits to check out that provide information for a more sustainable future.

The event covers a huge range of sustainability topics ranging from battery recycling to renewable energy sources.

Do you love to ski? Do you love to golf? Why not combine the two for a fun-filled day of snow golf at Palisades Lake Tahoe?

This ruckus nine-hole event is played from the top of the mountain down to the bottom, where the festivities will be in full swing.

There is live music, prizes, and a costume contest which ensures this will be a good time even for spectators.

Pros of Visiting Lake Tahoe in April

beach with view of the mountain
Empty Lake Tahoe Beach in April

Fewer Crowds

For many, the biggest draw in April is enjoying Lake Tahoe before the masses of summer tourists show up for the year.

Similar to visiting Lake Tahoe in October, April is the shoulder season in Lake Tahoe, which means it’s between tourist seasons. 

The ski season is almost over, and the summer beach season is still a month away. 

This means parking at top attractions like Emerald Bay State Park and Eagle Falls trailheads will be available, and you won’t have to wait in traffic cruising around the lake.

Plenty of activities

April is a perfect time to visit as you will get a perfect combination of winter and summer activities to choose from. 

You can hit the higher elevations and ski resorts for some late-season spring skiing, or you can strap on the snowshoes for an adventure on the snow-covered trails.

Lake Tahoe in Spring is also a great time of year to hit the trails at the lower elevations around the lake, as they are generally clear for some hiking. 

You can take a scenic stroll along the lake on the Tahoe East Shore Trail or hike up to Monkey Rock for some great sunset views.

You may even find some adventurous and well-balanced people testing their paddling skills with some stand-up paddle boarding.

Great deals on accommodations

In April, accommodation and vacation rental prices offer some reprieve from the sky-high summertime rates in Lake Tahoe.

You can score incredible rooms with lake views for half the price you would get during the busy touristy months.

These springtime rates allow you to book that special accommodation for your couple or family getaway without breaking the bank.

Whether you are looking for a charming cabin in the woods or a luxury resort with lake access, April offers the best rates of the year. 

Waterfalls are flowing

man looking at waterfalls
Glen Alpine Falls

April brings higher daytime temperatures, meaning the snow has started to melt, and the waterfalls will be fully flowing. 

We were blown away during our last trip, where we spent hours just taking in the majesty and ferocity of Cascade Falls as the water tumbled down towards Cascade Lake.

There are countless small waterfalls in the region that can be discovered along the region’s trails, but there are also several larger waterfalls to check out while visiting in April. 

  • Eagle Falls
  • Horsetail Falls
  • Cascade Falls
  • Glen Alpine Falls
  • Shirley Canyon Falls
  • Bassi Falls 
  • Galena Creek Falls
  • Webber Falls

Warmer Temperatures

April in Lake Tahoe promises warmer days and less freezing nights, which means that you might even strip off those extra layers when out on the ski slopes.

Although the temperatures in Lake Tahoe during April can still be on the chilly side, it is remarkedly warmer than during the winter months. 

This transitional time offers the perfect balance of warmer days for enjoying nature and cold nights that preserve the late-season snow in the higher elevations.

We have even enjoyed some warm April days at Sand Harbor Beach in Lake Tahoe, with temperatures in the low 70s. 

Cons of Visiting Lake Tahoe in April

Skiing and Snowboarding season is about to end

If you hope to have a deep base of snow with a fluffy layer of fresh powder for an epic day of skiing, snowboarding, or even sledding in Lake Tahoe, you might be disappointed. 

For most resorts, April marks the end of the skiing season in Lake Tahoe, with dedicated riders getting in their last turns of the year on the slushy spring snow.

Pay attention to the snow reports from the ski resorts to ensure that they are open and that the conditions are worth a visit.

Still too cold to go to the beach

beach lake tahoe

The beaches might look pristine from the warmth of your car, but it’s still too cold in April for a day of sun tanning or a swim at the beach.

Temperature averages around 50°F, and wind blowing across the lake can add to the chill. 

Water temperatures are way too cold for swimming as the lake’s surface is getting a fresh runoff from the melting snowpack.

The best way to enjoy the beaches is with a picnic, where you bundle up and enjoy the gorgeous views of the lake.

On some beaches, you can even take your pup for a fun walk along the shores of Tahoe.

With the chilly water temperatures, this is the perfect time to go for a dip at one of the hot springs close by.

Limited access to some hiking trails

Hiking is one of the top draws to Lake Tahoe, with legendary trails that follow the shore to grueling climbs up to the mountain peaks.

Unfortunately, many of these trails will be covered with snow, especially at the higher elevations, which open in May or June.

Hiking in Lake Tahoe in April is limited to areas around the lake, and even these can be covered with snow after a late winter storm.

If you plan on camping in Lake Tahoe at this time of the year, most campgrounds are still closed for the season, with a couple that is open year-round.

However, this opens the door to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, which can be just as rewarding. 

Driving to Lake Tahoe in April

lake tahoe in winter

Your drive to Lake Tahoe will be very different depending on your starting point and what shore of Lake Tahoe you plan to visit.

Most visitors to South Lake Tahoe will arrive via Highway 50, which snakes along the south fork of the American River and offers sweeping views of the Tahoe Basin from Echo Summit.

If you’re coming from Sacramento or the Bay Area, you will most likely use this route if you’re heading to the south shore of Tahoe.

This route is windy in sections, and it’s a good idea to bring along some Dramamine for any passengers with motion sickness.

For those staying in North Lake Tahoe, the likely path is on Highway 80, which connects to highways 89 and 267 that lead to popular destinations like Tahoe City and Kings Beach.

This option has two or more lanes on each side and is a less windy option.

For those heading in from either Reno or the airport, there are several options for how to get to the lake, including shuttles, private transfers, or driving over the summit on highway 431.

Do you need snow chains in April?

While the conditions are generally clear in April, it is imperative that you carry chains as the road conditions can change in a moment. 

Late winter storms blow through Lake Tahoe in April, with the region getting an average of 30 inches of snow each year. 

This means there is a decent chance that chain controls can be in place for those driving over the passes to get into Lake Tahoe.

There is also the chance of icy roads or black ice as the low temperatures routinely dip down to below freezing, especially during the first half of April.

Always check the road conditions and the weather report in advance, and be prepared to adapt your travel schedule.

The best option is to rent an all-wheel drive vehicle with all conditions tires for your trip to save the hassle of putting on chains. 

An all-wheel drive rental will also help prevent spinouts on ice when there are no chain requirements.

Best Lake Tahoe Tours in Spring

large boat on the water

South Lake Tahoe Boat Cruise

Cruise aboard a 70-foot yacht on a sightseeing trip along Lake Tahoe’s south shore, and into the crystal clear Emerald Bay. 

You will get unparalleled access to see Fanette Island and Vilkingsholm from the water, with 360-degree views from the dock.

This boat tour also offers an option to take the cruise during sunset, and you can relax onboard with a glass of champagne as you watch the sun dip behind the snow-capped mountains. ▶️BOOK THIS TOUR

Emerald Bay Helicopter Tour

Take advantage of this bucket list-worthy opportunity to see Lake Tahoe from where the birds fly. 

This whirlwind helicopter tour takes you to see several of Lake Tahoe’s top natural attractions, including Cascade Lake, Pope Beach, and Eagle Falls.

From the helicopter’s vantage point, you will be able to take in the views of the snowy peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe’s crystal-clear waters.

This is a perfect option for those who want to take in all the sights but do not have much time. ▶️BOOK THIS TOUR

Full-Day Lake Tahoe Circle Tour

This tour is a perfect way to experience the best of the region in a guided seven-hour bus tour

The guide is a longtime local who is super knowledgeable about the region’s attractions and history. 

They will be there to keep the tour fun and engaging with interesting facts about lake Tahoe.

With stops at all the top highlights around the lake, you won’t have to worry about missing out on that epic photo opportunity.

If you only have so much time for sightseeing, maximize your experience with stops at Lake Tahoe’s top destinations, including Sand Harbor and Emerald Bay State Park. ▶️BOOK THIS TOUR

Where to Stay in Lake Tahoe in April

patio with views of the lake
Book your stay at The Landing Resort to enjoy these amazing views!

Deciding where to stay in Lake Tahoe comes down to what you plan to do during your getaway and what kind of vibe you want out of your trip. 

This decision also extends to the type of accommodation to book, as there are options ranging from beachside resorts to charming cabin-in-the-woods style boutique hotels.

Make the most of your stay by booking your ideal Lake Tahoe stay at an accommodation that will suit your vacation wants and needs.

Where to stay in South Lake Tahoe in April

South Lake Tahoe is ideal for visitors that want easy access to beautiful beaches and natural areas like Emerald Bay but also want to enjoy a fun night out. 

This area of Lake Tahoe provides all the entertainment and dining you could need, with several large casinos, great restaurants, and some great craft breweries.

All this fun combines with some of the best accommodation options in Lake Tahoe, from hip retro-style motor lodges to luxury golf resorts.

  • Basecamp Tahoe South – This hotel offers outdoorsy-themed rooms and an onsite beer garden with live music and fire pits for chatting with fellow travelers.
  • The Landing Resort – This resort has it all, from rooms with lake views and fireplaces to a full-service spa. After a day of sightseeing, you can relax and enjoy a glass at their wine bar and restaurant.

Where to stay in North Lake Tahoe in April

hotel room with view
Stay at this resort to have access to top-notch resort amenities

North Lake Tahoe is where the action is at if you are heading to the mountains for some spring skiing or a snowshoeing adventure.

The north shore is also the quieter and less touristy side of the lake, with more of a small mountain town vibe.

While there are plenty of great hotels, the area also has its share of great vacation rentals.

There are plenty of great restaurants and opportunities for a low-key night out at a local brewery or wine bar. 

  • Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort – This resort property located in Incline Village is the perfect stay-and-play destination on the lake with everything from a beach bar on their private pier to a full casino.
  • The Village at Palisades Tahoe – This apartment-style hotel is located right at the base of the top spring skiing resort in Lake Tahoe. They also have eight hot tubs for relaxing, with views of the ski slopes.

What to wear in Lake Tahoe in April

  • Trail shoes with good grip (Her, Him) – Trail conditions in April can be a mixed bag ranging from icy to slippery wet rocks and roots. Be prepared with a stable pair of trail shoes that are designed to keep you upright.
  • Rain Jacket (Her, Him) – If you plan to spend some time outdoors, it’s critically important that you are prepared with a waterproof jacket. Make sure you stay dry if an unexpected late winter storm rolls through Lake Tahoe.
  • Trekking Pants (Her, Him) – If you are planning to hit the trails, having a good pair of trekking pants will make hiking so much more enjoyable. They feature four-way stretch for ease of movement, and they dry fast if you get hit with some rain.
  • Fleece-lined LeggingsThis is a perfect option for staying warm while still feeling a little stylish out on the trail. They are easy to move in, and the fleece lining is as warm as it is comfortable.
  • Merino Wool Sweater (Her, Him) – This sweater is as comfortable as any on the market, with an added bonus of great heat retention that will keep you warm on chilly days. Merino wool also is super odor resistant for long days on the trail.
  • Merino Wool Socks (Her, Him) – Not only are these socks super warm, but they are also made to last for years of hiking. The best part is that your feet won’t stink at the end of the hike because of the wool’s natural antimicrobial properties.
  • Gloves, beanies, scarves/buffs – Don’t forget these essential accessories that are designed to keep you warm and comfortable. Tahoe in April can be cold, so show up prepared and enjoy your time in nature.

What to pack for Lake Tahoe in April

  • Trekking poles – When the conditions out on the trails in Lake Tahoe are a little precarious, having a pair of trekking poles can help you avert disaster. Trekking poles are also a must if you want to do some snowshoeing.
  • Winter Traction devices for shoes – If the conditions are cold and icy when you arrive, you will be wishing you had brought these traction devices. They strap to your shoes and allow you to explore the trails in the snow.
  • Powerbank – There are countless reasons to pack a power bank for a trip to Lake Tahoe, but the number one reason should be safety. If you get caught in a late-season storm, you don’t want to have to worry about how much battery your phone has left.
  • Roadside Emergency kit – Road conditions can be precarious in Lake Tahoe during April. If you have an emergency, it’s best to be prepared so that a small incident doesn’t turn into a dangerous situation.

FAQs: Should you visit Lake Tahoe in Spring?

Is April a good time to visit Lake Tahoe?

Yes, April is a great time to visit Lake Tahoe, as the crowds are at a seasonal low, and there is still plenty of spring skiing at the resorts.

April is also shoulder season which means that hotel prices are lower, and reservations are easier to come by.

At the lower elevations at lake level, the hiking trails are usually clear, and the beaches are nearly empty.

Can you swim in Lake Tahoe in April?

No, the water temperatures are too cold from the melting snow runoff for a casual swim in the lake. 

If you want to do a polar bear plunge or have a special wetsuit, feel free to get in the water. 

Be extra cautious when near the water, as water temperatures are cold enough to be deadly as they can cause the body to shut down.

If you’re looking to swim in warmer waters, these beaches along the coast are better options. 

Is it cold in Lake Tahoe in April?

Yes, it is cold in Lake Tahoe in April, with the average low temperature sitting at 31 °F. 

While the nights and mornings are cold, the average daytime high is 54 °F, with some days later in the month climbing all the way up to the high 60s.

For most people, these would be considered cold temperatures, but the days can be quite comfortable for those that dress for the occasion. 

Is Lake Tahoe warm in April?

No, Lake Tahoe is not warm in April. On the high side, the average temperature in Lake Tahoe in April tops out at 54 °F, which is well below what is considered to be warm weather.

Not only are the days chilly, but the average low temperature sits just below freezing, which makes for some cold mornings.

These cooler temperatures are exacerbated by chilly winds that swirl down off the snowy peaks and speed up across the lake.

Does it snow in South Lake Tahoe in April?

Yes, it snows in Lake Tahoe in April, with an average monthly accumulation of 30 inches.

The snowfall is nothing compared to what falls during the months of December through February, but it’s enough to flock the trees and leave a thin layer on the ground.

The cumulative snowfall happens over an average of three days during the entire month.

This means that there is still time for some spring skiing in Tahoe in April.

Wrap-Up: Visiting Lake Tahoe in April

Now that you know everything you need to know about a trip to Lake Tahoe in April, all you have to do is book your hotel and pack for an amazing vacation. 

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