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11 Best South Lake Tahoe Sledding Spots in 2023 (w/ FREE Spots)

  • Multiple South Lake Tahoe sledding spots offer various experiences ranging from family-friendly spots to adventure-packed snowparks.
  • You can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$65 for a couple of hours of fun, including all the necessary equipment.
  • Spooner Summit is the best free sledding spot in Lake Tahoe, which is also our favorite place to go.

Lake Tahoe is surrounded by amazing options for a day of sledding and playing in the snow, ranging from public parks to commercial operations with rentals and food concessions.

The challenge is not only deciding which one is right for your family outing but which one to choose based on the part of South Lake Tahoe you plan to visit.

I love heading to Lake Tahoe with family and friends for some time in the snow, and I have visited these sledding areas over the years of living only an hour from the snow. 

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11 Best South Lake Tahoe Sledding Spots

1. Adventure Mountain Lake Tahoe

groomed snow trail in a south lake tahoe sledding spot
  • 💲COST: Starts at $15 for a two-hour pass.
  • 🅿️ PARKING: Parking is included in the resort entrance fee, which costs $40

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: It could be argued that Adventure Mountain, at the top of Echo Summit, is the best Lake Tahoe tubing spot because, at an elevation of 7,400 feet, it is the highest tubing destination in the Tahoe Basin.

As a result, and somewhat unsurprisingly, this location experiences the most snowfall in the region so you can expect fast slopes, impressive scenery, and fun for the whole family.

We visited Adventure Mountain Lake Tahoe and loved how many different ways there are to have fun. 

There are several groomed tubing lanes to race down, child-friendly snow play areas, a tubing area, and more than 40 acres of pristine wilderness to explore.

Visitors can’t bring their own tubing equipment, and snowboards, sleds, skis, and snow bikes are not permitted, but everything you need can be rented.

Adventure Mountain doesn’t have a magic carpet, but it does have designated hike-up lanes.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: Adventure Mountain has an on-site restaurant serving food and beverages and a gift shop that sells various winter accessories and essentials.

2. Tahoe Snowmobiles

sledding hill in lake tahoe
  • 💲COST: Starts at $50 for one-hour sessions.
  • 🅿️ PARKING: Parking for the Stateline location is available at all the nearby casinos, and public parking is available at the golf course location.
  • 📌GOOGLE MAP: behind Bally’s Lake Tahoe and Lake Tahoe Golf Course

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT:  Lake Tahoe is one of the best places in California for snow, and one of the best sledding spots is Tahoe Snowmobiles

Weather permitting, Tahoe Snowmobiles has two locations – the Stateline and Lake Tahoe Golf Course.

Families can expect to make long-lasting memories as they race down the slopes on giant snow tubes and while riding snowmobiles.

Visitors aren’t allowed to bring their own sleds with them, but that doesn’t matter because Tahoe Snowmobiles will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Riders must be at least three years of age to ride a snow tube with an adult and at least five years old to ride a snowmobile with their parents. 

Tahoe Snowmobiles offers 30-minute snowmobile rides and one-hour tubing sessions.

Perhaps the only downside is that Tahoe Snowmobiles doesn’t have a magic carpet, so you will have to hike back up the slope with your tube.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: Tahoe Snowmobiles doesn’t have an on-site cafe, restaurant, or store, but restrooms are available, and there are shops nearby.

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab something to eat, we recommend Lucky Beaver, Bar & Burger, which is just a six-minute walk away.

3. Blizzard Mountain

person sliding down a snow tubing hill
Photo Credit: Sierra-at-Tahoe
  • 💲COST: Starts at $60 for one-and-a-half-hour tubing sessions.
  • 🅿️ PARKING: Day permits for the Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort car park start at $15

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: If you’re looking for an adventure-packed day with your family, you must visit Blizzard Mountain, where you’ll find many activities and panoramic views of the lake.

Just a 30-minute drive from Lake Tahoe, Blizzard Mountain has long been one of the best family-friendly winter attractions in the area, and it’s not hard to see why.

This sledding destination is attached to Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort, which has everything from ski slopes and snowboard pipes to a large snow play area and well-groomed tubing lanes

Yes, it’s expensive, but we appreciated how Blizzard Mountain had activities for every age group and skill level, no matter how experienced you are.

Two lifts take you back to the top after you’ve raced your friends to the bottom, and you can rent equipment or use your sled on the smaller hills. 

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: Blizzard Mountain/ Sierra at Tahoe has a lot to offer in terms of amenities, including multiple cafes, restaurants, and plenty of restrooms.

The resort even has a sports store in town selling the latest gear, tickets, and day passes. 

4. Hansen’s Snow Tube and Saucer Hill

  • 💲COST: $40 per hour
  • 🅿️ PARKING: Free parking onsite 

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: The next South Lake Tahoe sledding spot we have for you is Hansen’s Snow Tube and Saucer Hill, which you can find on the corner of Ski Run Blvd. and Needle Peak Rd. 

Visitors can expect to enjoy a snow-filled day at Hansen’s, thanks to the epic Tubing Hill, which is approximately 400 feet long and suitable for all ages

To ensure the best experience, the tube run at Hansen’s is groomed daily, and there is a designated trail alongside the run to help guests walk back to the top. 

Hansen’s advises families to bring snow boots, jackets, water-proof pants, goggles, hats, and gloves, but ski boots are not permitted.

Apart from these things and an appetite for fun, the resort will provide you with anything else.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: Hansen’s Snow Tube and Saucer Hill is conveniently located within a ten-minute walk of the marina, so you’ll have easy access to shops, restaurants, cafes, and places to stay. 

Unfortunately, Hansen’s doesn’t have a shop or restaurant on location, but there are restrooms for anyone who needs them.

5. Tube Tahoe

lake tahoe snow tubing lanes
  • 💲COST: Starts at $35 for one-and-a-half-hour sessions.
  • 🅿️ PARKING: Free parking is available in a designated Tube Tahoe section of the Holiday Market parking lot on Highway 50.

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: Tube Tahoe is easily one of the most entertaining sledding spots in South Lake Tahoe, particularly if you’re on vacation with your friends and family.

What we love most about this sledding destination is its many tubing lanes and how exciting they can be; seriously, you don’t want to miss out.

Tube Tahoe is home to eight tubing lanes, most of which are over 500 feet long, making them some of the longest sledding lanes in the area

Most hills here feature small ramps and rollers, making your ride more exhilarating.

To top things off, visitors are treated to impressive views of Mt. Tallac and Echo Summit.

Tube Tahoe is located on Highway 50 and is open daily during peak season. 

It’s worth noting that this resort doesn’t have a magic carpet, and you must use the tubes provided.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: Guests cannot purchase food and beverages at Tube Tahoe, but restrooms are available.

Luckily, Tube Tahoe is only a 10-minute walk from various shops and restaurants.

We recommend checking out the Getaway Cafe for a great breakfast spot.

6. Heavenly Resort Tubing

gondola in the winter
  • 💲COST: Starts at $66 for a return gondola ride and three rides down the tubing hill.
  • 🅿️ PARKING: Parking is free at Heavenly’s California Base Lodge and Stagecoach Lodge, or visitors can pay $25 to park in one of the parking lots in town.

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: Heavenly Resort Tubing probably offers the best sledding in South Lake Tahoe if you’re looking for something a bit different. 

Aside from offering a wonderful place to race down the slopes, Heavenly also has a breathtaking gondola, the best views in Lake Tahoe, and a wide range of adrenaline-pumping activities to choose from.

Heavenly also has a good selection of amenities for a Lake Tahoe vacation with easy access to the tubing hill.

This resort is also in a prime location for exploring some of Lake Tahoe’s best breweries

Regarding sledding, Heavenly Resort Tubing is better suited to groups of friends and families with teenagers because there isn’t a magic carpet, so you’ll have a steep walk back to the top. 

After a 2.4-mile ride up in the Heavenly Mountain Gondola, you can choose to race down the 500-foot-long tubing hill or warm up at the Tamarack Lodge.

Tubes are provided with your ticket.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: The great thing about Heavenly Resort is that it offers everything you need to enjoy a full-day or extended stay on the mountain.

The resort has many food and drink options, lodges, restrooms, a rental shop, and vacation rentals. 

However, we also recommend heading into town to sample a local brew!

LOCAL TIP: If you’re wondering where to spend Christmas in California, Lake Tahoe is an excellent choice!

Free Sledding in South Lake Tahoe

a sledding hill

7. Spooner Summit Sledding

  • 🅿️ PARKING: Free parking is available in a lot at the base of the hill.

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: Spooner Summit Sledding is ideal if you’ve been looking for cheap sledding in South Lake Tahoe because it’s free and is only an 18-minute drive from the Stateline.

Located next to the junction of Highways 28 and 50, you can expect a hassle-free, light-hearted, and, most importantly, fun experience.

There are steep slopes towards the top of the hill and mild slopes towards the bottom, with an elevation change of about 50 feet.

This makes riding a reasonable distance before you stop and provides suitable sledding conditions for the entire family.

The only downside is that you must bring your own sleds. Admittedly, this spot can get very busy on the weekends, too.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: Visitors to Spooner Summit have easy access to a vast range of shops, restaurants, and cafes in Carson City which is only 20 minutes away.

This sledding area is also close to some of the best hot springs near Lake Tahoe, such as the Carson Hot Springs, if you want to warm your bones after playing in the snow.

8. Kahle Park 

a snowy hill perfect for sledding in south lake tahoe
  • 🅿️ PARKING: Free parking in the on-site parking lot.

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: As this next location shows, the best sledding near South Lake Tahoe doesn’t always have to be at a resort.

Kahle Park is a 19-acre park near where Kingsbury Grade intersects with Highway 50. 

This park offers families with small children free sledding in Tahoe, so be sure to check it out.

While this park may not offer the best slopes for adults, it does offer more appropriate slopes for younger children

You won’t struggle to find space either because the park is a wide-open public space. 

There are no rental facilities at this location, so you must bring your own sleds and hike back up to the top.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: Kahle Park is only an eight-minute drive from South Lake Tahoe City, so you won’t have too far to go if you need to pick up some warm-weather clothes or find something to eat. 

The park itself has restroom facilities and a group picnic pavilion.

9. Sawmill Pond

  • 🅿️ PARKING: Free paved parking lot. 

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: Sawmill Pond is another sledding park in South Lake Tahoe suited to younger children. 

A popular family destination, Sawmill Pond is found on Lake Tahoe Boulevard, approximately 2.5 miles west of the Y intersection in the city. 

You’ll find a picturesque park with a beautiful lake and a small sloping hill here.

This hill is perfect for sledding and tubing, especially for beginners.

Your child can build up some speed without losing control or falling off.

We believe older children and adults seeking a bigger thrill should visit one of the other sledding hills in South Lake Tahoe.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: Sawmill Pond has few facilities but is close to South Lake Tahoe, so you can easily access shops, restaurants, and accommodation.

We ate at Sonney’s BBQ Shack Bar & Grill when we visited Sawmill Pond, and you should too for some of the best BBQ in the area.

10. Tahoe Meadows

  • 🅿️ PARKING: Free parking at Tahoe Meadows and Mount Rose Summit.

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: The next Lake Tahoe snow tubing area we have for you is Tahoe Meadows, located in North Lake Tahoe, approximately a 30-minute drive from Tahoe City.

Tahoe Meadows is a relaxed slope that sits along the Mt. Rose Highway.

Participants of all ages can race down intermediate slopes on their tubes, sleds, and saucers.

There are no entrance fees or reservations to make, so you can just hit the slopes and enjoy the day.

Make sure you bring extra layers because it can get cold.

Perhaps the only downside is that the nearest restrooms are at the Mt. Rose Ski Resort summit, and there’s no magic carpet to get you there.

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: The nearest facilities to Tahoe Meadows can be found at Mt. Rose Ski Resort.

You’ll find various restaurants, restrooms, rental shops, and seating areas here.

This spot is also close to Incline Village, which is a great place to stay in Lake Tahoe in winter.

11. North Tahoe Regional Park

  • 🅿️ PARKING: $5 parking fee for all day or free for North Tahoe residents with a resident sticker.

☃️WHAT TO EXPECT: In winter, North Tahoe Regional Park is home to some of the best winter activities in Lake Tahoe, including sledding.

This park features multiple hills and hiking trails that allow visitors to ride their sleds. 

Visitors can also take in the panoramic views of Tahoe, try their luck at cross-country skiing, and enjoy the winter fun in peace.

The slopes here are perfect for children and adults of all ages, making it the ideal location for families.

The hills offer more speed than other spots in North Tahoe, and the hike back to the top is only short. 

🪧WHAT’S NEARBY: This park is home to a wide range of summer activity zones, including a zip wire course and two children’s playgrounds, but the only amenities open during winter are the water stations and restrooms.

Food and ice cream trucks regularly serve food at the park. 

For shops and restaurants, head into Tahoe Vista, where you will find everything from pizza spots to old-fashioned steak houses.

Useful Tips for Sledding in Lake Tahoe

two snow tubes at the bottom of a lake tahoe tubing spot

1. Safety First

Sledding and tubing in South Lake Tahoe is great fun, but you have to ensure you do it safely. 

This entails using a safe sled, wearing a helmet, and following any rules set out by the sledding destination.

More often than not, you simply need to sled with caution and commonsense.

For example, you wouldn’t let your five-year-old child sled down a large hill alone.

2. Dress Appropriately

Tying in nicely to staying safe, it is crucial to wear the appropriate clothing when sledding.

The Lake Tahoe snow can be pretty intense, so you should always wear warm weather clothes.

This includes a jacket, waterproof pants, coats, gloves, snow boots, a hat, and goggles to protect your eyes.

One thing you shouldn’t wear is a scarf. A scarf will keep you warm, but it could also easily get caught in your sled.

3. Leave No Trace

This one is pretty simple, but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t follow it.

Make sure you leave the slopes exactly how you found them. 

Don’t leave garbage on the floor, abandon broken sleds, or leave any dropped food on the floor.

Instead, go out of your way to ensure you clean up after yourself and others if you have to.  

4. Pack a Snack and a Drink

We strongly recommend packing food and drink to take to the slopes.

Unfortunately, not every sledding slope in South Lake Tahoe has food and drink facilities. 

Therefore, you could go all day without anything to eat or drink if you don’t pack something before you set off.

Sledding in Lake Tahoe Map

South Lake Tahoe Tubing Spots: FAQs

Can you go sledding at Lake Tahoe?

Yes, you can go sledding at Lake Tahoe because sledding slopes are dotted around the region.

South Lake Tahoe is home to many sledding resorts, ski resorts, snow play areas, and tubing lanes, so you won’t have any trouble finding a place for you and your family to sled.

How much does it cost to go sledding in South Lake Tahoe?

The cost of sledding in Lake Tahoe is anywhere from free to upwards of $60.

On top of this, you also have to consider any parking fees you will still have to pay. 

Most places will include all the rental equipment in the price, so you don’t have to bring your own tubes and sleds.

Where can I play snow in South Lake Tahoe for free? 

Spooner Summit is one of the best snow parks in South Lake Tahoe that lets you play with snow for free.

Spooner Summit has a large, free-to-use snow play area and a fast sledding slope.

Other popular sledding areas in South Lake Tahoe that offer free snow play include Kahle Park and Sawmill Pond.

Where can you play with snow at South Lake Tahoe?

Thanks to California’s SNO-Parks, there are plenty of epic places to play with snow in South Lake Tahoe, with Taylor Creek being one of the best.

Other popular places to play with snow in South Lake Tahoe include Spooner Summit, Echo Lake, and Adventure Mountain Lake. 

Does Squaw Valley have sledding?

Yes, Squaw Valley does have sledding; in fact, Squaw Valley, otherwise referred to as Palisades Tahoe, is one of the best ski resorts in Lake Tahoe for sledding and other winter activities. 

You can find the best sledding hills on the east side of Squaw Valley.

There are plenty of places to park, and you can even learn how to ski here.

Where can I go sledding in South Lake Tahoe for free?

The best free sledding in South Lake Tahoe is found at Spooner Summit Sledding. 

Here, you’ll find steep slopes suitable for every skill level and age group. 

Kahle Park and Sawmill Pond also offer free locations for people to sled in South Lake Tahoe. 

When can I go sledding in South Lake Tahoe?

The earliest time to go sledding in South Lake Tahoe is around late November to early December, depending on the snow conditions.

Late November in Lake Tahoe is typically when most ski resorts open but you can also go to the free tubing hills in the area to play in the snow.

Bottom Line

In this post, we’ve shown you where to go sledding in South Lake Tahoe.

We’ve focused on the best South Lake Tahoe sledding spots, showing you where to find each location, how much you might spend, and what you can expect.

Now it’s down to you to decide where to go with your family and friends first!

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