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61+ Camping Gifts for Couples 2023 [For All Budgets]

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Are you looking for the best camping gifts for couples?

We are avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts that not only tested these products but have them in our camping kit.


Don’t have time to read? Here is our #1 choice.



This list includes a huge range of fun camping gift ideas for couples ranging from practical safety gear to presents that will make their camping trip memorable.

Now get ready to pick out the perfect gifts for camping couples, and don’t forget the stocking stuffers.

TOP PICKS: Camping Gifts for Couples

61+ Best Camping Gifts for Couples

1. Loveseat Camping Chair

Kelty Low Loveseat

This loveseat camping chair is perfect for couples, especially on a chilly night when they want to cuddle up by the fire.

We instantly knew this loveseat camping chair would be a longtime fixture for our camping trips, as it provides a spacious seating option that is built to last.

Kelty is known for their premium and high-quality outdoor gear, and this camping chair built for two is no exception. 

The armrests also include beverage holders perfect for holding a craft beer or a hot cup of cocoa. 

Be warned that your dog will love this camping chair as much as you will, and they will certainly snuggle up in your seat when you get up to attend the fire.

2. Camping Hammock

ENO Double Nest Hammock

This will provide lovers with a comfortable place to relax and lounge together, especially under a blanket of stars.

This extremely comfortable hammock can fit two people and is made with breathable and fast-drying fabric that will keep them cool, even during a long nap. 

We take this with us on every camping trip, and it is the perfect place to get some rest after a long hike. 

Its triple-stitched seam construction ensures the material won’t rip, and its stable design will prevent them from falling on the ground. 

This is also a great portable camping gear as the integrated stuff sack compresses the hammock to a smaller size which helps with packing.

Give the gift of a place to nap that is not in a hot and sweaty tent.

3. Sleeping Bag

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20-Degree Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag, built for two, offers couples a way to cuddle up and keep each other nice and warm, even on the coldest nights at their favorite campground.

Wider than a queen-size bed, this Kelty sleeping bag is jampacked with incredible features that enhance the camping experience. 

What we loved most about this sleeping bag was the two built-in blankets, removable zip-off top layer, and two-way zip foot vents that let each of us adjust to our desired sleeping temperature. 

This double sleeping bag’s soft and quick-drying insulation is also compressible, making it easy to pack and very portable. 

This is the best couple’s camping gift you can give for a romantic getaway in nature or for a fun anniversary gift to spice up their outdoor adventures.

4. Sleeping Pad

ExPed MegaMat Sleeping Pad

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep to the couple in your life that loves to camp.

This sleeping pad was a game changer for our camping adventures, as it is four inches thick and provides enough padding to sleep on our sides.

It is large enough to accommodate two people, and the queen-sized option is big enough for a dog or two to cuddle up by their feet. 

This Exped MegaMat is durable, airtight, and humidity-resistant, so your favorite camping couple will not wake up on a wet and deflated sleeping pad.

The two low-profile valves made it easy for us to inflate and deflate, and we were able to increase the pad’s firmness with the included pump.

This is a perfect gift for avid campers that are used to sleeping on minimalist backpacking pads.

5. Camping Blanket

Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket

This is a perfect gift for camping couples needing extra warmth in their tent or just a big soft blanket to cuddle by the campfire.

This synthetic camping blanket provides all the comfort of a soft puffy jacket and a fluffy blanket in one.

We loved that they found a perfect balance of insulation that makes the blanket warm enough but still allows it to pack up into a small stuff sack.

Another factor that sold us on this blanket is that it is perfect for camping during the warm summer months when a sleeping bag is too hot. 

It is super easy to clean, as it can be washed in a front-loading washer and is also dryer-safe. 

This is one of the best gifts for camping couples that dislike the restrictive and claustrophobic nature of sleeping bags.

Camping Gear Gifts for Couples

6. YETI Ice Chest

YETI Ice Chest

This will keep your camping couples’ food and drinks cold for up to 48 hours without adding more ice.

Perfect for long camping trips, this Yeti ice chest is the ideal camping gear for couples as it will keep their food stored at safe temperatures so they do not get sick on the road.

Besides beer or soda, this cooler can fit most wine bottles upright, and its increased polyurethane foam insulation will keep them cold throughout a trip. 

We knew that this cooler was on the pricey side, but it will more than pay for itself in the cost of ice that it saves, and it will last for many years of camping.

This is the best cooler on the market and is a great investment into your favorite couple’s outdoor adventures.

7. Camping Towel

Fast Drying Towel

This highly absorbent and quick-drying towel is the perfect outdoor gift for couples who love camping and traveling.

Made with recycled polyester, nylon, and post-consumer recycled plastic, this camping towel is one of the best and most valuable pieces of camping gear they can get as a present. 

It outperforms regular cotton towels in absorbancy and durability, which are important properties for a camping towel. 

The best part was that it weighs just over a pound, which means that it is perfect for stuffing in our packs for a day hike to mountain lakes or to take to the beach.

These micro terry fast-drying towels are super popular with not just campers as they are also widely used by yogis, which use them to prevent slipping.

We also recommend this camping towel for couples that love to travel as much as they love camping.

8. Portable Tent Heater

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater

This heater provides the gift of a warm tent, even on the chilliest nights at a campground.

Even warm-weather destinations can get really cold at night, and this portable tent heater can safely warm a tent for up to six hours.

We loved this warmer for those cold mornings at the campsite when it’s hard to get out of your comfortable sleeping bag.

Weather conditions can sometimes be unpredictable, so this thoughtful gift will give your camping couple the security of not having a freezing cold night in their tent.

The oxygen depletion sensor and accidental tip-over safety shutoff also ensure it’s always safe while staying nice and warm during those cold nights camping. 

This is a unique camping gift idea for couples who love camping year-round.

9. Camp Cookset

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset

This is an excellent addition to any couples’ camping essentials as this cookset has everything they need to cook an outdoor feast.

This camp cookset includes four plates, bowls, insulated mugs, pots and pans, and everything else they will need to cook and serve a meal when camping.  

Each item is also color-coded so campers won’t lose track of their plates and cups. 

As space is at a premium when packing the car for a camping trip, we loved how this set is designed to easily compact down inside of the largest pot, taking up very little room.

It also has a convenient stuff sack that can be used as a sink or wash basin for easy clean-up. 

This is a great starter set for young campers or new couples that are just starting their own camping adventures.

10. Collapsible Camp Kettle

Sea to Summit X Set 11 Cookset

This simple collapsible kettle and cup set will allow minimalist campers and backpackers to cook their favorite dishes and heat water for their morning coffee.

Kettles and cups are difficult to bring when backpacking or camping because of their rigid design, but this collapsible camp kettle is a game-changer. 

What we loved most about this product is its versatility and portability, as it’s large enough to cook our favorite dish, and the cups can be used for everything from hot cocoa to a camping wine glass.

Its food-grade, heat-resistant silicone walls will help protect their hands from hot beverages, and it is super durable for years of use.

This is a perfect camping gift for couples who love to trek to destinations off the beaten track.

11. 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

2 person kayak
Image by REI

2-Person Kayak

If you have a couple in your life that can’t wait to get out on the water, this kayak for two will allow them to paddle anywhere.

This 2-person inflatable kayak is the perfect option for kayaking in calm ocean bays, coves, and mountain lakes.

Having their own kayak opens the door to exploring bodies of water that normally are inaccessible, and they will no longer have to deal with boat rental companies.

This kayak was special for us because it is super portable and weighs only 27 pounds, making it easy to carry from the car to the water.

Another big selling point for us was that it was spacious enough and had plenty of weight capacity to pack a picnic to enjoy at a hidden beach across the water.

This kayak will provide years of enjoyment for your couple that loves to paddle.

12. 2-Burner Camping Stove

Coleman Gas Camping Stove

This portable camping stove is one of the best gifts for outdoorsy couples that love to whip up delicious meals even at a campsite in the woods.

This 2-burner camping stove is a workhorse that has been the benchmark for quality for several decades. 

We have been using this stove and earlier models for over ten years, and we will swear by its durability and reliability.

This camping stove has two burners which put out more than enough heat to fry potatoes or heat a big pot of chili.

For camping couples that love to cook outdoors, they will appreciate the wind guards that keep the flames from hitting the pan.

The best part is that this camping stove is lightweight and compact, so it is easy to pack, and it  won’t take up to much room in the car.

Unique Camping Gift Ideas for Couples

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13. Inflatable Lounger

Inflatable Lounger

Why would couples that camp want a camping chair when they can cuddle up on an inflatable sofa?

The best part about this inflatable lounger is how easy it is to set up, as it only requires a few scoops of air before use. 

It also has anti-deflation technology, so it won’t have to constantly be refilled with air, which is perfect if they like taking long naps in the afternoon. 

We love that we could take it in our backpacks to the beach, as it weighs under three pounds.
It even has compartments for storing gadgets, books, and cold beer at arm’s reach.

This great couples’ camping gift is like a hammock that doesn’t need trees. This is also a great present for beach lovers.

14. Mosquito Repeller

Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller

Dealing with mosquitos is part of the outdoor experience, but why let it ruin your camping couples’ next camping trip?

They won’t have to wake up with itchy and irritated bumps from mosquito bites with this mosquito repeller from Thermacell. 

We enjoyed not having sticky incent repellent sprays on our arms, especially at campgrounds without showers. 

All you have to do is connect it to your camping stove’s fuel canister, which provides a 15-foot protection zone from mosquitoes. 

This is a safer alternative to candles, sticky-repellant sprays, and lotions.

15. Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball Game Set

This fun camping gift is perfect for camping trips with friends and family and is a fun and active way to stay entertained.

This spikeball game set is an excellent two-on-two sports game that can be played at a campsite and can serve as a great bonding activity. 

It has foldable legs that make it very portable and a net that can be adjusted based on the players’ skill level. 

This set is great for camping because it can be played anywhere with a semi-flat space.

16. Portable Cornhole Set

Collapsible Cornhole Set

A few games of cornhole are a surefire way to add fun to any couple’s camping trip.

Playing games is one of the most fun parts of hanging out in a campground, and this portable cornhole set will surely be a crowd-pleaser. 

Cornhole is an interactive and engaging game that will keep the fun rolling until it’s time to cook smores around the campfire.

This a great option for couples that love to go camping with friends, as it is low-key enough to allow for a good conversation over a few beverages while playing.

We found that the setup was fast, and it packed away easily before heading off to bed in our tent.

Give the gift of good times with this go-anywhere cornhole set.

17. DIY Craft Cocktails

McKinnon’s Dry Craft Cocktail

Now, couples can bring their favorite craft cocktails with them for a spirited camping trip.

With this dry craft cocktail set, your favorite couple will never have to settle for boring beers or shots again.

Each set comes with three cocktail options that just need to be infused with their favorite spirit three days before they go camping.

When they arrive, each jar will hold eight cocktails that can be refilled to make another round.

We loved the deeply spiced flavors and strong aromatics in each drink that are reminiscent of some of the great drinks we have had at our hometown’s best cocktail bars.

After shaking and straining the cocktail, we spruced up our cocktails with juices and sparkling water to adjust to our tastes.

This is a fun and interactive cocktail set for couples who love camping libations.

18. String Lights

MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights

Not only will they provide plenty of light, but they will also create a warm and cozy ambiance at their campsite.

With over 18 feet of string lights, this set will light up a campsite and give it an inviting glow. 

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge, so it doesn’t have to be recharged constantly, and it recharges using solar panels during the day. 

We loved that these string lights provided plenty of light for cooking and playing games without the blinding direct light of a lantern.

This set is tough and can withstand light winds, and it has an IPX4 water resistance rating, which means it can withstand a little rain and condensation.

This is also a fun way to light up the inside of a tent for a little quiet time before bed.

19. National Park Pass

Image from

America the Beautiful Pass

This will give couples access to over 2,000 federal recreation sites and national parks nationwide.

One of the best presents for couples who camp that you can give is the ability to visit thousands of campgrounds and recreation sites. 

With this National Parks Pass, couples will have unlimited access to well-known parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone without paying the entrance fees for each visit. 

This is one of the best gifts for camping couples who love exploring nature in our national parks.

20. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Image from

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

This is one of the best gifts for camping couples on this list for those who love reading.

This Kindle Unlimited Subscription is one of the best camping gift ideas for couples that they can use while camping or at home

This online book subscription will give them access to their favorite books, whether they are by the side of an alpine lake or relaxing in a hammock at their campsite.

This will give them unlimited access to over a million books and thousands of audiobooks that can be downloaded and accessed even when they are offline. 

As avid readers, we never have to worry about carrying a backup book or getting stuck with a book we are not in the mood to read.

Consider this amazing present for your favorite couple who loves relaxing in nature with their favorite book.

21. REI Workshop

REI Workshop

Finding gifts for camping couples who seem to have it all can be difficult, but this one will be something they can use to learn about the outdoors.

Instead of just getting them a gift card, why not give them an REI workshop to learn about everything from backpacking safety to hiking strategies? 

REI currently has hundreds of camping and hiking classes and events that they can choose from, with difficulties ranging from relaxed to strenuous. 

The best part for us and our busy schedule was that they offered different class options, including indoor, outdoor, and even virtual class options. 

Gifting them this REI workshop will give your loved ones valuable camping skills that will last a lifetime and help keep them safe. This also makes a great present for hikers.

22. Camping Gear Gift Box

Image from

Camping Gear Gift Box

Give the gift of monthly deliveries of great outdoor gear they can use during their camping trips.

This welcome camping gear gift box includes camping lights, a roasting fork for hotdogs and marshmallows, a cute beer blanket to keep hands warm, and a s’more recipe book with 55 alternative recipes. 

If you sign up your couple for the subscription option, they will receive a customized gift box full of outdoor gear and toys each month or quarter.

Each month, they will anticipate their next delivery while dreaming up big plans for their next camping adventure.

This is an excellent camping gift for couples just starting their camping adventures together.

23. Camping Gift Basket

Still can’t figure out the best camping gift idea? Why not create a personalized camping basket for a more thoughtful touch? 

Instead of using an actual basket, you can even use a small ice chest and place all the presents inside! 

Camping Gifts for Couples under $30

camping in the redwoods
man hiking in the mountains

24. Campfire Stories Deck

Campfire Stories Deck

This is a perfect gift that will turn a quiet night next to the campfire into an evening of epic storytelling.

Couples will love this Campfire Stories Deck, which uses cards to give prompts to help spark ideas for stories. 

Many of the cards feature nature and outdoorsy themes that will help the couple get to know each other better.

With 50 cards in the deck, there are lots of prompts to keep the stories flowing for many camping trips.

We found this was a great way to keep the conversation flowing and strengthen the bonds between partners and friends.

25. Pour Over Coffee Set

Stanley Pour Over Set

This is the perfect gift for couples that love coffee as much as they love going camping.

Why should couples suffer through terrible camp coffee when they can make a cup similar to what they get from their barista at home with this pour over coffee set

This set is quick and easy to set up, even when stumbling around half awake in a campsite at the crack of dawn.

We loved that we could make some amazing coffee in the time it takes to simmer some water, and the clean up takes seconds.

They might even love their new camping coffee so much that they start using this pour over set at home.

26. Solar Charger

BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank

This solar portable power station will keep gadgets like phones and e-readers charged and ready to go even when a couple goes off the grid.

Modern couples go everywhere with their phones, and this solar charger is the best way to keep them charged while in nature.

The couple in your life will never miss a single magical moment in nature again because their phone is dead and they can’t take a photo.

It has a built-in flashlight and a portable compass kit, which makes it a handy tool if they get lost or are in low-light situations during a camping trip.

We loved using this solar charger to keep our GPS devices charged for our hiking adventures over multiple days.

Keep your loved ones connected with plenty of battery power with this amazing solar charger.

27. Customized Christmas Ornament

Image by WildeNomad from

Customized Christmas Ornament

One of the best Christmas gifts for campers is this ornament that will serve as a perfect keepsake for outdoorsy couples.

This customized Christmas ornament is perfect for couples who love exploring the outdoors. 

You can choose the name and date to add to the ornament and customize the message making it meaningful and special. 

It is made from scratch using Alderwood, which gives it a rustic charm and a natural outdoorsy feel.

28. Where Should We Camp Next Book

Where Should We Camp Next Book

This book is the best gift for couples that love camping, which will help them find hidden gem campgrounds for their next adventure.

This “Where Should We Camp Next” book will ensure that couples never get stuck in a rut going to the same campground every trip.

With over 300 of the best camping spots in America, this book will have them exploring the best camping across all 50 states.

We loved that we could use this book to help plan out some epic road trips, as it provides all the details we needed, including what campsites have showers and instructions on how to book.

Your friends or loved ones won’t have to spend hours mulling over random maps and word of mouth to help them pick a campsite with this amazing book.

This book also makes a great add-on wedding gift for campers.

29. Inflatable Solar Lantern

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

This will light up a couple’s campsite for up to 24 hours on a single charge without having to recharge or replace batteries.

This inflatable solar lantern is a must-have for off-grid campsites as it only takes seven hours in direct sunlight for a full charge. 

Because it can collapse down to just one inch of thickness, this is easy for us to stuff inside a bag, and it didn’t take up much space in our kit. 

The battery life indicator takes out the guesswork of deciding when to recharge it, which means they will never get caught off guard when the battery dies.

If you’re looking for a great camping gift idea for couples, any camping lover will surely appreciate this present.

30. I’d Rather be Camping Can Cooler

Rather Be Camping Stainless Steel Can Cooler

This amazing can cooler will keep cans of soda and beer cold while keeping their hands dry.

One of the essentials for a couples’ camping trip is some cold beverages, and this can cooler is up to the task of keeping canned sodas and beer icy cold.

The design has a secure twist on top that keeps the can in place and prevents condensation from getting the couple’s hands wet. 

We loved not having to drink our beer too fast to prevent it from getting warm while we split wood for the fire or during dinner prep. 

Give the gift of never having to drink warm beer during a camping trip to the outdoorsy couple in your life.

31. Camping for 2 Mugs

Enamel Camping Mugs Set of 2

Couples can drink all their favorite hot beverages in style, from their morning coffee to hot cocoa by the campfire.

These enamel-coated carbon steel camping mugs can take a beating and will last for many years of outdoor adventures and camping trips.

They offer a retro design that will match classic enamel camping cookware sets, making this a fun gift for couples already into camping.

Often, camping mugs are either too small or way oversized, and we felt the 17 oz size offers just the right capacity for enough coffee to power us through any adventure.

32. Handheld Camp Toaster

Handheld Camp Toaster

This will ensure they can make the perfect toast even while camping outdoors.

Breakfast-loving couples no longer have to skip out on having a slice of toast with their breakfast while camping if they have this handheld camp toaster.

Toast is an essential part of many people’s morning routine, and their breakfast will be incomplete without a slice of buttered toast.

This amazing tool is designed to be held right over the flame of a camping stove where it diffuses the heat allowing the bread to toast evenly.

We loved using this to toast bread for hot sandwiches for lunch and to toast burger buns for dinner.

This is a simple, lightweight addition to any couple’s camping kit that will make cooking in nature that much easier.

33. Cast Iron Pie Maker

Cast Iron Pie Maker

This gadget makes mountain pies, grilled cheese sandwiches, and other dishes over the campfire.

Made with heavy-duty materials, this cast iron pie maker will make toasting pies and sandwiches at the campsite easy for your favorite camping couple. 

The extra-long handles with wooden grips ensure they won’t burn their fingers while cooking on a camping trip. 

We found this to be a wonderfully helpful addition to our camp cooking supplies, which we use to make everything from campfire hashbrowns to mini peach cobblers.

This also makes amazing panini-style sandwiches that can be pressed inside and toasted on both sides simultaneously.

Give the gift of easy meals with even easier cleanup with this amazing campfire mountain pie and sandwich maker.

34. Portable Campfire

Radiate Outdoor Portable Campfire

Lightweight and hassle-free, this will provide access to a campfire that can be carried around wherever they go.

Camping outdoors will never be complete without a campfire, and this portable version will ensure you they will always have access to it no matter which camping site they visit. 

We love using this for quick stops overs at campgrounds during road trips, where we want the fun of a fire without the hassle of building a full campfire.

There is no need to collect firewood or lug around a camping stove anymore. 

It’s as easy to use as lighting a candle, providing three to five hours of burn time each use.

35. Telescoping Forks

Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

This set will allow camping couples to roast their marshmallows or hotdogs over the fire without getting too close to the flames.

These telescoping forks are made with durable stainless steel metal and wooden handles, which will last for many years of use. 

Its compact design makes it very easy to bring on camping trips and makes it easy to enjoy hotdogs, sausages, marshmallows, and more with very little to clean up. 

The best part for us was being able to cook over the fire without having to have the smoke in our faces. 

This set also comes with a heat-resistant carrying bag for protecting them when packing up camp to keep critters and bears away.

These telescoping forks will be a fun addition to any couple’s camping trip, allowing them to cook treats right over the fire.

36. S’mores Kit

Hershey’s S’mores Kit

Making s’mores during a camping trip has never been easier with this complete kit from Hershey’s.

What is a camping trip without eating s’mores? This s’mores kit is one of the most fun camping gifts for couples you can give. 

Each kit makes 18 s’mores and includes nine full-size Hershey’s milk chocolate bars, one bag of marshmallows, and two packs of graham crackers. 

All they need is to light up the campfire and grab some telescoping forks, and they will be quickly eating some gooey s’mores.

37. Fire Color Changing Packets

Fire Color Changing Packets

This fun camping gift will brighten a campsite and add some extra fun to sitting around the campfire.

These fire color-changing packets are the perfect alternative to firecrackers, and they’ll change the campfire’s flames to every shade of the rainbow. 

Sitting around the campfire has never been so much fun, and couples can add one color at a time to change the color scheme.

We snuck these packets into our campfire during a trip with our friends, and it made for a fun surprise as they thought we were magicians.

Add some fun to a couple’s holiday camping festivities with this unique stocking stuffer that will provide hours of entertainment.

Practical Gifts for Camping Couples

38. Merino Wool Socks

Darn Tough Socks

This is an essential gift idea for campers, as Merino wool socks will keep their feet cozy and fresh for days of outdoor adventure.

Darn Tough Merino wool socks offer natural antimicrobial properties that will keep a couple’s feet smelling good during a full weekend camping trip.

These socks are great for odor control and are made to last with an industry-leading lifetime guarantee. 

These are our go-to socks for hiking and trail running, and not one pair has ever worn out or developed a hole, even after heavy use.

The best part about these socks is that the wool is not itchy and is super soft on our feet for camping or lounging at home. 

A gift of Darn Tough Socks will be a present that they can use for many years of outdoor adventures.

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39. Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot 400 Headlamp

This headlamp will provide hands-free illumination during low-light situations like exploring caves or walking to the campsite restroom at night.

This award-winning headlamp is manufactured by Black Diamond, which means it’s made with high-quality and durable materials and will last for years. 

We love this headlamp because it is jampacked with features including finger touch power adjustment and a locking function so it doesn’t turn on in our backpack and drain the battery.

Plus, it even has an IPX8 waterproof protection rating, which is very handy if you get rained on while exploring. 

This Black Diamond headlamp offers all the light they will need for rummaging through their tent to emergencies out on the trail.

40. Water Filter

LifeStraw Peak Water Filter Straw

This filter is an essential piece of outdoor equipment as it will provide clean drinking water anywhere they travel with a water source like streams or rivers.

This water filter might be small, but it can remove 99.999999% of all bacteria like salmonella, cholera, E.coli, parasites, and microplastics from water. 

This simple device instantly provides clean drinking water, which means that it’s definitely a lifesaver.  

Because of its unlimited shelf life, it can be stored unused in a gear bag until needed.

We love this water filter because of its compact size, which is easy to forget that we have it in our backpacks until we are in an emergency water situation.

This gift will give the couples the peace of mind that they will not have to stress if their water supply starts to run low when out in nature.

41. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Classic Knife

Minimalism is the name of the game with this pocket knife with six tools that weighs under one ounce.

This Swiss Army Knife is known for its multifunctionality and has become a staple piece of camping gear for outdoor enthusiasts. 

It has scissors, a blade, a screwdriver, a nail file, tweezers, and a toothpick, all in one lightweight package. 

This has become a part of our kit for adventures ranging from car camping to multi-day treks in the mountains.

Because of its stainless steel components and Swiss craftsmanship, they can rely on its durability for years to come.

42. Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

This water bottle will keep drinks warm or cold for hours and can provide the necessary hydration when they leave camp for a hike.

Hydro Flask is super popular because of its high-quality products, so you will be investing in a water bottle that they might pass on to their kids when they are old enough to camp on their own. 

Its double-wall vacuum insulation is excellent at maintaining a drink’s temperature, whether it’s piping hot coffee or ice-cold water. 

We love using this to pack up iced beverages like cold brew coffee or for cocktails at our campsite, as our drinks will stay cold for hours.

Hydro Flask offers a lifetime warranty on its products, which means it is tough enough to handle the rigors of using it outdoors.

43. Camp Kitchen Towels

Set of 4 Camping Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are an essential part of any camping cooking setup and are often overlooked until its time too late.

Make sure the camping couple in your life has a good set of camping kitchen towels to help them create epic meals surrounded by nature.

These towels can be used to clean up as they cook and provide protection when grabbing hot lids or panhandles.

Since these towels are themed with a camping motif, they are easy to keep packed and ready for their next trip to the great outdoors.

This is a great gift for new couples that are just starting to build up their camping supplies.

44. First-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit

Safety is critical when exploring the wilderness, and this first-aid kit has everything couples could need to keep them safe while in nature.

This first-aid kit has an array of medical supplies that will help treat small wounds, stop the bleeding, and stabilize sprained ankles or strains. 

The organization system will also make the supplies easy to find for emergencies and includes multiple doses of common medications for allergic reactions, itches, pain, inflammation, and diarrhea. 

This first-aid kit is just the right size for our backpacking trips and has everything we need to keep a small injury from becoming a serious situation.

This is the perfect gift for camping enthusiasts who love going on long backcountry trips or want a compact kit for simple camping trips. 

45. Bear Spray

Sabre 9.2 oz Bear Spray

This will keep couples safe from harm should they ever encounter an aggressive bear while camping.

If couples spend enough time camping in bear country, they will inevitably have a run-in with a bear. 

Bears can be dangerous if campers get between them and some food or if hikers cross paths with a momma bear with her cubs. 

We carry this bear spray with us when we are out on the trails where bears are active, and we keep it accessible in our campground and inside of our tent.

This bear spray is rigorously tested and proven effective for all types of bears, and each canister has a maximum strength formula with a 35-foot range. 

This is the best gift for camping couples who love exploring campsites and national parks in bear country.

46. Camping Pillow

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

This camping present will provide much-needed comfort when it’s time to climb into the tent and get some sleep.

Incredibly soft and comfortable, this camping pillow is made with compressible foam, so it can easily be rolled up and won’t take up a lot of space when packed. 

Its soft insulation layer provides an even surface, and its foam is made from upcycled excess material in Therm-a-Rest’s sleeping pad production, which makes it a great sustainable gift.

We use this pillow for everything from backpacking trips to staying at hotels where finding a comfortable pillow can be difficult.

This gift will allow couples to take these lightweight pillows on their next trip instead of awkward and tough-to-pack pillows from home.

47. Paracord Bracelets

Nexfinity One Survival Paracord Bracelet

This simple survival tool is the perfect accessory for a couple’s camping and hiking kit that will keep them safe in case of an emergency.

This amazing paracord bracelet can be used to signal for help, build a structure, start a fire, and keep them going in the right direction.

We strap this bracelet to our backpacks and forget that it’s there, but know that if we get into trouble, it will be ready to help keep us safe.

This gift will ensure that your favorite outdoorsy couple will get home safely, even in challenging conditions.

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More Camping Gifts for Couples 

  1. Snow Peak Titanium Spork
  2. Liquid Castile Soap
  3. Massage Ball
  4. Inside Cooler Light
  5. Waterproof Matches
  6. Shoe Deodorizer Balls
  7. Waterproof Playing Cards
  8. Emergency Blanket
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Biodegradable Shampoo and Conditioner
  11. Reusable Antimicrobial Pee Cloth
  12. Collapsible Cup
  13. Sandwich Wrap
  14. Fruit Smoothie Pouches
  15. Utensil Set

Wrap-Up: Best Gifts for Camping Couples

Now that you have picked out the best options from this list of the best camping gifts for couples, all you have to do is follow the link and add some wrapping paper.

No matter what gift you select, they will be dreaming of their next camping trip the second they unwrap the present.

Hopefully, this gift guide has helped you find your unique camping gifts for outdoorsy couples.


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